The era of ROCK lasted from 1955 to 1965 ending with the British Invasion. ROCK was a mixture of white and black FOLK and popular music. The term Rock-N-Roll was first used by disc jockey Alan Freed referring to Bill Haley The Comet’s hit Rock Around the Clock. Soon a swivel-hipped teenager from Tupelo, Mississippi named Elvis Presley was causing teenage girls to swoon and parents to become alarmed.

Others soon joined The King of Rock-N-Roll:

Jerry Lee Lewis

Buddy Holly

Fats Domino

Little Richard

Rockabilly was premiered in Memphis by its creator Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Records. His dynamite performers included:


Carl Perkins

Jerry Lee Lewis

Johnny Cash

Billy Riley

Sonny Burgess

Roy Orbison

Charlie Rich

Conway Twitty

Other labels joined the bandwagon with their stars:

Dale Hawkins
Gene Vincent

The Everly Brothers

Not to be outdone, New Orleans Rock-N-Roll was infused with the BLUES and launched greats like:

Fats Domino

Lloyd Price

Smiley Lewis

Clarence "Frogman" Henry

Frankie Ford

Bobby Charles

Jimmy Clanton

In the 1970s, ROCK made a new revival in the form of Southern ROCK with legendary performers like: The Allman Brothers

Marshall Tucker Band

Charlie Daniels

Lynyrd Skynyrd

38 Special

Wet Willie

Sea Level

ZZ Top


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