JAZZ began early when black and white FOLK music was woven together into a new musical tapestry. The home tof JAZZ originated in New Orleans as a mixture of brass band music, parlor music, Creole, Cajun FOLK songs, Caribbean music and GOSPEL hymns. It was originally called “ragtime” but by 1915 it was being called “jass” or JAZZ. JAZZ also grew out if the BLUES with every major ethnic group (Irish, Italian, French, Spanish, Jamaican, German, Greek and Jewish) and almost every city in the South having its identity with the BLUES.

Other major centers of influence were Memphis with bawdy Beal Street and Kansas City and St. Louis.

JAZZ greats have included:

Charles “Buddy” Bolden

Original Dixieland Jazz Band

John Robichaux

Freddie Keppard

Jelly Roll Morton

Sidney Bechet

Fletcher Henderson

Duke Ellington

Jack Teagarden

Louis Armstrong

Thelonious Monk

John Coltrane

Cannonball Adderley

Marsalis Brothers


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